SFBB Training UK 5-Star FHR Rothwell Tandoori

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Rothwell Tandoori, located in Rothwell, has achieved a five-star food hygiene rating with the help of SFBB Training UK. James Morris, the owner of SFBB Training UK, has provided food safety courses specifically tailored for limited English speaking food outlets.

The courses are delivered using English as a second language, allowing those who may not be fluent in English to understand the importance of food safety regulations. The courses provided by SFBB Training UK are tailored to meet the needs of Rothwell Tandoori, with a focus on food safety regulations, such as proper storage, handling, and preparation of food, as well as the proper use of food safety equipment.

Additionally, the courses cover topics such as food safety legislation, food hygiene, and hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP). Rothwell Tandoori has achieved a five-star rating thanks to the training James Morris and SFBB Training UK has provided. The rating is a testament to the high standards the restaurant has achieved, and the commitment to food safety that the staff at Rothwell Tandoori have demonstrated.

The five-star rating is an important step in ensuring that the food served at the restaurant is of the highest quality, and provides customers with the assurance that their meals are safe to eat.

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