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Exciting News! King Fryer in Goole Achieves Coveted Five-Star Food Hygiene Rating with SFBB Training UK

King Fryer, located in Goole, has proudly attained a prestigious five-star food hygiene rating from Goole Council, thanks to the comprehensive training provided by SFBB Training UK.

James Morris, a key figure at SFBB Training UK, played an instrumental role in elevating the hygiene standards, implementing Safer Food Better Business (SFBB).

Delivering Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) training, particularly catering to individuals for whom English is a second language.

ESL, James Morris ESL, SFBB Pack Training Course, Food safety

The Key is Active Learning

James Morris, specialising in ESL (English as a Second Language) food safety training, utilised active learning techniques to empower food business owners to attain self-sufficiency in compliance. Through hands-on instruction, he imparted the skills necessary for delivering food safely. This approach enables business owners to independently train their staff, fostering a culture of heightened food safety awareness.

Significance of Compliance

Securing a Five-Star Food Hygiene Rating goes beyond just boosting the image of businesses; it also optimizes procedures for local authorities. Prioritizing HACCP controls and engaging in active learning diminishes the chances of issues arising, leading to fewer re visitations from regulatory bodies. This, in turn, saves valuable time for both businesses and local authorities.

James Morris emphasizes, “Our goal extends beyond merely meeting regulatory standards; we aim to surpass them. In doing so, we contribute not only to the safety of the community but also instill confidence among customers, elevating the overall dining experience.”

Explore SFBB Training Courses for a comprehensive approach to food safety and regulatory compliance.

For food outlets grappling with the complexities of food safety compliance and controls, we urge you to get in touch with James Morris at 07404 899 903 or explore www.sfbbtraining.com. Discover customised SFBB courses designed to address your specific needs and enhance your understanding of essential food safety practices.

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SFBB Training UK remains committed to its mission of transforming food outlets into beacons of hygiene and safety, one Five-Star Food Hygiene Rating at a time.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Email: info@sfbbtraining.com
Tel: 07404 899 903         


ESL, James Morris ESL, SFBB Pack Training Course, Food safety

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