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James Morris ESL – SFBB Pack Training Course & ESL Food Safety Coaching

James Morris, the visionary founder of SFBB Training UK, introduces a transformative ESL SFBB Pack Training course and ESL Food Safety Coaching, providing essential skills for participants. Tailoring his approach to the challenges faced by food business owners, James has meticulously helps students complete a 100-page SFBB Pack, a vital resource for understanding, completing relevant sections, and staff training.

For seasoned caterers and those navigating English as a second language, James breaks down the SFBB Pack into seven manageable modules, each taking 3-4 hours to complete online.

Participants emerge as confident of HACCP compliance, ensuring streamlined processes, and delivering safe, high-quality food for customers—aligning with Morris’s mission of fostering safer food practices for a better business environment.

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Seven Key Modules To Success:

  1. Introduction to SFBB pack: More Info

    • Focus on operational readiness through equipment verification and proper opening and closing procedures.
  2. Cross-contamination: More Info

    • Emphasizes the importance of preventing contamination by implementing color-coded utensils and separating raw and ready-to-eat foods.
  3. Cleaning: More Info

    • Adherence to thorough cleaning protocols to maintain a hygienic work environment and prevent contamination.
  4. Chilling: More Info

    • Best practices for safe food storage and refrigeration to prevent bacterial growth and uphold food safety standards.
  5. Cooking: More Info

    • Understanding proper cooking techniques, utilizing food thermometers, and adhering to safe temperatures during food preparation.
  6. Management:

    • Acquisition of effective management skills to ensure consistent adherence to food safety protocols.
  7. Using the Diary:

    • Guidance on efficient utilization of the diary system for compliance monitoring and continuous improvement in food safety practices.

Practical Application:

  • Participants compile their bespoke SFBB Pack, fostering hands-on and practical learning.

ESL Food Safety Interactive Posters:

  • Informative posters cover allergens awareness, color coding in food safety, understanding temperatures, and labeling with the 3-day rule.
  • Temperature recording training ensures safety compliance.
  • A cleaning poster simplifies schedules for hygiene.

Innovation with QR Codes:

  • QR codes link to relevant videos for accessible ESL education, ensuring clear comprehension.

Empowering Learners:

  • James Morris ESL goes beyond theoretical knowledge, ensuring that participants not only understand but can actively apply their learning.


James Morris ESL’s SFBB Pack Training Course and ESL Food Safety Coaching is a holistic approach to food safety education. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical application and innovative ESL resources.

Therefore. Participants are equipped to contribute effectively to creating a safer and compliant food service environment. James Morris ESL’s commitment to clarity and accessibility ensures that all learners can confidently navigate and implement food safety practices in their professional settings.

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ESL, James Morris ESL, SFBB Pack Training Course, Food safety

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