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SFBB Pack Training Course – Cross-Contamination Module (Module One):

Greetings, I’m James Morris, an ESL educator committed to delivering essential business and food safety training. The SFBB Pack Training goes beyond a legal obligation; it’s essential for maintaining a high Food Hygiene Rating.

Non-compliance can lead to severe consequences such as closure, fines, and imprisonment. My SFBB Pack Training Course comprises seven modules. Collaboratively, we’ll create an updated SFBB pack tailored to your food business, ensuring a deep understanding of HACCP principles and confidence in training your employees for safe food delivery.

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Embark on the first leg of our comprehensive SFBB Pack Training Course, focusing on Cross-Contamination. Limited free placements are available, subject to terms and conditions. Apply via this link to secure your spot.

To begin, we’ll provide a link to download the SFBB Pack. You can either print and complete it by hand or fill it out online during our training session or for a small fee once the training has been completed I can complete the pack on your behalf

For non-English speakers, worry not. I’ve assisted over 100 individuals in the past five years, ensuring a smooth learning experience for all.

SFBB Pack Training Course:

Tailored to meet your food business’s specific needs, this course ensures legal compliance. With over 120 pages, the SFBB Pack provides in-depth guidance for maintaining food safety standards. The training comprises seven modules, each addressing critical aspects of food safety.

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SFBB Pack Training Cross-Contamination, SFBB training Course, James morris ESL

1. Personal Hygiene:

Focuses on the importance of personal hygiene in preventing contamination, covering proper hand-washing, work attire, and hygiene practices for food safety.

2. Cloths & Uniforms:

Explores best practices for handling and maintaining clothing to prevent cross-contamination and uphold hygiene standards.

3. Separating Foods:

Understands the significance of separating different foods to prevent cross-contamination and maintain product integrity.

4, Food Allergens:

Addresses the identification and management of food allergens, emphasizing clear communication and proper labeling for consumer protection.

5. Physical & Chemical Contamination:

Teaches identification and prevention of physical and chemical contamination in food for product safety.

6. Pest Control:

Explores effective pest control measures to safeguard against infestations compromising food quality.

7, Maintenance:

Understands the importance of regular maintenance in preserving hygiene and safety standards in the food establishment.

Join us on this journey to elevate your food business standards through comprehensive SFBB Pack Training.

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SFBB training, Cross contamination, James Morris ESL