SFBB Pack Training Cooking Module 4 by ESL James Morris

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In this section of the SFBB Pack, we aim to help you understand the importance of cooking. Our goal is to offer detailed step-by-step guidance, assisting you in customizing each segment to meet the specific requirements of your food business.

Let’s work together to refine and optimize your SFBB Pack, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your business’s unique needs. Join the forth leg of our SFBB Pack Training Course, focusing on cooking safely.

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Completing The SFBB Pack.

To begin, we’ll furnish a link for you to download the SFBB Pack. You have the option to either print it and complete it manually or fill it out online during our training session. If you encounter difficulty with written English, for a fee, I can assist in completing it after the training course concludes.

For non-English speakers, worry not. I’ve assisted over thousands of individuals of all age groups and levels in the decade, ensuring a smooth but fun learning experience for all.

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Tailored to meet your food business’s specific needs, this course guarantees legal compliance. With over 120 pages, the SFBB Pack offers comprehensive guidance for maintaining food safety standards. The training comprises seven modules, each addressing critical aspects of food safety.

Module 4: Cooking

Why We Need to Cook Food Safely:

Cooking food safely is essential to prevent food-borne illnesses and ensure the well-being of consumers. Improper cooking practices can lead to the survival of harmful bacteria, viruses, or parasites in the food, posing serious health risks.

Training Program Overview:

  1. Cooking:

    • Objective: Understand the basic principles of cooking various types of food.
    • Topics: Cooking methods, temperature control, and cooking times for different foods.
  2. Cooking Safely:

    • Objective: Emphasize the importance of hygiene and safe practices during the cooking process.
    • Topics: Hand hygiene, cross-contamination prevention, use of clean utensils and surfaces.
  3. Foods That Need Extra Care:

    • Objective: Identify specific food items that require special attention during preparation and cooking.
    • Topics: High-risk foods, perishable items, and allergen considerations.
  4. Reheating:

    • Objective: Ensure safe reheating practices to eliminate any remaining bacteria.
    • Topics: Reheating guidelines, temperature control, avoiding multiple reheating cycles.
  5. Checking Your Menu:

    • Objective: Evaluate the menu for potential food safety risks and make necessary adjustments.
    • Topics: Menu planning, considering food safety in recipe selection.
  6. Hot Holding:

    • Objective: Learn how to keep cooked food at the right temperature before serving.
    • Topics: Hot holding equipment, temperature monitoring, and safe time limits.
  7. Ready to Eat Food:

    • Objective: Understand the importance of safe handling of ready-to-eat foods.
    • Topics: Cross-contamination prevention, storage guidelines, and serving practices.
  8. Acrylamide:

    • Objective: Recognize and mitigate the risks associated with acrylamide formation in certain foods during cooking.
    • Topics: Sources of acrylamide, cooking techniques to minimize its formation.


Upon completing the Cooking Section of the SFBB course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the importance of cooking food safely.

They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to handle various aspects of cooking, from basic techniques to specific considerations for high-risk foods.

Additionally, students will be aware of potential hazards such as acrylamide and will be capable of implementing best practices to ensure food safety in a commercial kitchen setting.

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