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Introduction to SFBB Training, ESL Food Safety Posters:

SFBB Training UK takes pride in revolutionizing food safety training with our meticulously developed 12 must-have ESL media posters. Crafted over years, these posters serve as a comprehensive solution for training staff in food production, specifically designed for those with English as a second language.

Picture this: an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) in your food outlet asking a common question like “colour coding equipment.” Our posters, with QR codes, instantly provide answers, showcasing their keyword sensitivity and targeting for ESL speakers.

Overview of the 12 Media Posters:

  1. Colour Coding Equipment: Visual guide for equipment color-coding; QR code answers queries instantly.
  2. Allergens & Control: Clear visuals on allergens; promotes proper control measures for ESL speakers.
  3. Allergen Zero Tolerance Policy: Emphasizes zero-tolerance approach to allergen contamination for heightened awareness.
  4. Completing the ESL Daily Diary: Guides staff on accurate ESL Daily Diary documentation for effective communication.
  5. Temperature Control & Records: Simplifies temperature monitoring; aids in precise record-keeping for compliance & displays temperature chart.
  6. FSA Day Dot Labelling: Step-by-step guide for proper FSA Day Dot Labelling; minimizes errors.
  7. FSA Opening Checks: Checklist for thorough opening procedures ensures a safe start to the day.
  8. FSA Closing Checks: Ensures consistent adherence to proper closing protocols for hygiene standards.
  9. FSA Refrigerator Rules: Guidelines on refrigerator use, emphasizing temperature, storage hierarchy, and cleanliness.
  10. FSA Cooling Down Hot Food: Guides staff on safe and efficient hot food cooling techniques.
  11. FSA Handwashing: Detailed instructions on essential handwashing techniques for impeccable personal hygiene.
  12. FSA Cleaning Schedule Simplified: Breaks down complex cleaning schedules into manageable 3 easy steps for consistency.


Displaying these 12 posters in your food outlet not only simplifies staff training but also ensures comprehensive coverage of key aspects outlined in the Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) book.

SFBB Pack is a legal requirement for small and medium-sized food outlets. The keyword sensitivity and targeting for ESL speakers make these posters invaluable for responding to EHO queries promptly.

Trust SFBB Training UK for assistance in completing the SFBB pack and training business owners and their teams, particularly those who use English as a second language, under our expert supervision.

Your commitment to food safety and regulatory compliance starts with our innovative training solutions.




Implementing SFBB Food Safety Posters in your business provides numerous benefits. Firstly, these posters ensure that staff members have instant access to essential information when questioned by environmental health officers.

Secondly, the inclusion of QR codes linking to training videos offers on-the-job training as and when needed, enhancing employees’ understanding and adherence to food safety practices.

Lastly, these educational posters serve as valuable tools in training new staff members, ensuring a consistent and thorough understanding of food safety protocols.

Overall, SFBB Food Safety Posters contribute significantly to a safer working environment, compliance with regulations, and the overall success of your business in the food industry.

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