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James Morris, an esteemed ESL Business English Educator, boasts a steadfast commitment to education, backed by over three decades of experience. Throughout his career, he has remained dedicated to cultivating excellence in both food safety and English language proficiency.

With a dynamic and innovative approach to teaching, James designs specialized courses tailored to meet the needs of diverse age groups within the food business industry and educational institutions alike.

In the past five years, James has played a pivotal role in the development of ESL food safety and compliance training programs. His efforts have made a tangible impact, particularly in struggling food outlets where English serves as a second language. By implementing these courses, James has empowered businesses to enhance their operational standards while fostering language proficiency among their staff.


James’s leadership extends globally, reaching educational initiatives in Thailand that cater to universities, schools, and individuals of all ages, from 4-year-old learners to adulthood.

His strong belief in the transformative potential of education, particularly in active learning methodologies, is evident in his classes. Whether teaching food safety to businesses or guiding young adults, James prioritizes hands-on learning that actively involves each ESL student, business employer, or employee, addressing their specific needs.

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James’s expertise lies in his adept use of active learning techniques, resulting in significant success in improving English proficiency across diverse age groups. His contagious enthusiasm ensures that students grasp concepts thoroughly.

With a diverse background spanning educational institutions, hotels, restaurants, catering companies, and food manufacturers, James brings a wealth of industry experience to his consultancy work. As a consultant, he plays a crucial role in enhancing quality control and ensuring compliance with food safety regulations. James Morris is not only an educator but also a driving force for positive change in ESL education and food safety domains.

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James’s dedication is grounded in years of hands-on experience and continuous research, staying attuned to the evolving requirements of the food safety industry.

At the core of his mission is empowering restaurants and food businesses, irrespective of size or budget, with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary for maintaining the highest standards of food safety.

For those seeking an experienced and knowledgeable food safety expert to achieve top ratings, James Morris stands as the trusted educator and consultant.

Inquiries or service requests can be directed to him, initiating a journey toward elevated food safety standards through James Morris’s expertise.

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James Morris ESL Business English Teacher