5 Steps to Achieve a Five-Star Food Hygiene Rating with SFBB Training UK

Step 1: SFBB Pack & HACCP Training and Completion

The journey towards a five-star food hygiene rating begins with understanding and implementing the Safer Food, Better Business (SFBB) pack and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles. SFBB Training UK provides comprehensive training, ensuring that you and your team are well-versed in utilizing the SFBB pack effectively and developing personalized HACCP plans. By mastering these essential components, your business can minimize risks, uphold top-notch food safety standards, and lay a solid foundation for future success.

Step 2: Level 2 Food Safety Training for All Food Operators

In pursuit of food hygiene excellence, it is crucial that all food operators and staff possess the necessary knowledge and expertise. Our Level 2 Food Safety Training equips participants with in-depth insights into food hygiene regulations, proper food handling techniques, and industry best practices. Armed with this knowledge, your team will confidently maintain impeccable food hygiene standards and consistently deliver safe, hygienic, and delectable food to your valued customers.

Step 3: Provide Allergen and Food Safety Awareness

The safety and well-being of customers with food allergies are of paramount importance. SFBB Training UK offers specialized Allergen and Food Safety Awareness training, ensuring that your staff is well-prepared to handle allergens safely, mitigate cross-contamination risks, and respond effectively to allergy-related concerns. By demonstrating your commitment to allergen management, your business will earn the trust and loyalty of allergy-sensitive patrons.

Step 4: Access to All Your Food Safety Documentation to Your Own Online Hub

We believe that convenience and accessibility are integral to achieving food safety excellence. With SFBB Training UK, you will have easy access to all your food safety documentation through your own secure online hub. This centralized system enables you and your team to efficiently manage, update, and maintain essential records, ensuring compliance with regulations and fostering a seamless inspection process.

Step 5: Pay-As-You-Go 24/7 Access to Your Own Food Safety for Peace of Mind

We understand that the demands of running a food business require flexibility. That’s why SFBB Training UK offers a convenient pay-as-you-go option, providing you with 24/7 access to your own Food Safety resources. Whether it’s accessing training materials, reviewing documentation, or seeking support, our on-demand accessibility ensures peace of mind and empowers you to prioritize food safety without compromising your busy schedule.


Achieving a prestigious five-star food hygiene rating is within your reach with SFBB Training UK by your side. Our expert-led training, emphasis on allergen awareness, user-friendly online hub, and flexible pay-as-you-go access combine to create an unparalleled food safety training experience. Take the step towards food safety excellence and partner with SFBB Training UK today. Together, we can elevate your food business to new heights of success, safeguarding both your customers’ health and your reputation. Contact us now to embark on a journey of enhanced food safety and unwavering excellence



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