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Luciano Italian Pizzeria Achieves Five-Star Food Hygiene Rating with SFBB Training UK

Date: September 13, 2023

Executive Summary: Luciano Italian Pizzeria, located in Rossington, is proud to announce its recent achievement of a five-star food hygiene rating from the Doncaster Council. This accomplishment was made possible through the dedicated efforts of James Morris, a food safety instructor from SFBB Training UK. The restaurant excelled in three key categories judged for adherence to SFBB (Safer Food, Better Business) procedures: Food Hygiene and Preparation, Structural Compliance, and Confidence in Management. This report details Luciano Italian Pizzeria’s journey to achieving this prestigious rating and highlights SFBB Training UK’s role in helping failing restaurants comply with food hygiene standards.

1. Food Hygiene and Preparation:

Luciano Italian Pizzeria demonstrated exceptional commitment to food hygiene and preparation standards. The establishment maintained strict cleanliness throughout its kitchen and food handling areas. Staff consistently followed proper handwashing and food handling procedures. Furthermore, the restaurant had a robust food safety management system in place, which included regular temperature checks, stock rotation, and labeling compliance. These practices not only ensured the safety of the food but also contributed to the high-quality dining experience offered by Luciano’s.

2. Structural Compliance:

Structural compliance is a crucial aspect of ensuring food safety. Luciano Italian Pizzeria made substantial investments in maintaining its physical infrastructure to meet health and safety regulations. The restaurant’s layout and facilities were designed to minimize the risk of contamination and facilitate efficient cleaning. Adequate ventilation, pest control measures, and maintenance schedules were also diligently adhered to. These efforts ensured that the environment where food was prepared and served met the highest safety standards.

3. Confidence in Management:

The restaurant’s management, under the guidance of James Morris from SFBB Training UK, played a pivotal role in achieving the five-star food hygiene rating. They exhibited a strong commitment to food safety by regularly conducting risk assessments, staff training, and maintaining comprehensive records. The staff demonstrated a deep understanding of their roles and responsibilities in maintaining food safety standards. The presence of a well-informed and proactive management team instilled confidence in the council inspectors that the restaurant’s food hygiene practices were consistently upheld.


SFBB Training UK, led by James Morris, has once again proven its expertise in helping struggling restaurants achieve and maintain high food hygiene ratings. James Morris specializes in delivering training programs using English as a second language, making it accessible to a diverse range of food establishments. Luciano Italian Pizzeria’s journey from a lower rating to a five-star food hygiene rating is a testament to SFBB Training UK’s commitment to promoting safer food practices.

For more information on how SFBB Training UK can assist your establishment in achieving better food hygiene ratings, please contact them at 07404 899 903.

Luciano Italian Pizzeria’s success story showcases the positive impact of comprehensive food safety training and diligent adherence to SFBB procedures. This accomplishment not only ensures the safety of customers but also enhances the reputation and profitability of the restaurant.

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