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SFBB Mastery: Tailored ESL Training for Your Food Business Success

Welcome to ESL SFBB Pack Training with James Morris! A seasoned ESL instructor, James guides food business professionals through a tailored SFBB Pack training program.

With rich ESL training expertise, James assures participants grasp vital aspects like Cross-contamination, Cooking safety, Allergen Awareness, Cleaning, and Management in this comprehensive program.

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This initiative not only refines language skills but also empowers learners to seamlessly apply their acquired knowledge within the distinctive context of the food industry.

James tailors the program for food business owners and staff, covering seven modules and protocols. It empowers participants to accurately complete the SFBB Pack.

James promotes teamwork, allowing individuals to share knowledge. Participants master SFBB Pack requirements, ready to contribute to the success of their food businesses.

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More About James Morris

As a seasoned ESL professional, James Morris brings his expertise to the forefront, offering a unique blend of language mastery and food safety insights.

James customizes SFBB Pack Training for food businesses, providing essential skills for success and compliance in this dynamic industry.

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James Morris, visionary founder of SFBB Training UK, presents an ESL SFBB Pack Training course and Food Safety Coaching, offering crucial skills.

Tailored for food business owners, James guides students to complete the 100+ page SFBB Pack accurately, emphasizing its significance and effective staff training.

This course helps participants understand and use the Safer Food, Better Business pack, promoting safety and success in their businesses.


Seven Key Modules To Success:

  1. Introduction to SFBB pack: More Info

    • Focus on operational readiness through equipment verification and proper opening and closing procedures.
  2. Cross-contamination: More Info

    • Emphasizes the importance of preventing contamination by implementing color-coded utensils and separating raw and ready-to-eat foods.
  3. Cleaning: More Info

    • Adherence to thorough cleaning protocols to maintain a hygienic work environment and prevent contamination.
  4. Chilling: More Info

    • Best practices for safe food storage and refrigeration to prevent bacterial growth and uphold food safety standards.
  5. Cooking: More Info

    • Understanding proper cooking techniques, utilizing food thermometers, and adhering to safe temperatures during food preparation.
  6. Management: More Info

    • Acquisition of effective management skills to ensure consistent adherence to food safety protocols.
  7. Using the Diary:

    • Guidance on efficient utilization of the diary system for compliance monitoring and continuous improvement in food safety practices.