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5-Star Food Hygiene

Food Safety By SFBB Training UK. James Morris

The Red Relish restaurant in Knottingley is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, known for its delicious food and great atmosphere. However, in recent years, the restaurant has been striving to increase its hygiene standards and to meet the stringent requirements of the Food Standards Agency.

Recently, with the help of James Morris of SFBB Training UK located in Doncaster, the Red Relish restaurant has achieved the highest possible hygiene rating of 5 stars. The process began with a thorough inspection of the premises. James Morris and his team inspected the kitchen and food storage areas, as well as the restaurant itself, to ensure that all areas were up to standard.

Any areas of noncompliance were identified and addressed. This included making sure that food was stored at the correct temperature, and that all surfaces were kept clean. Once the initial inspection was completed, James Morris and his team set about introducing measures to ensure the restaurant maintained the highest hygiene standards.

These included the introduction of a detailed cleaning schedule, and the implementation of a strict food safety policy. Staff were also trained in food safety and hygiene procedures, and the restaurant was given guidance on how to improve its food safety practices. Following this, the restaurant was subjected to a more detailed inspection.

This involved testing the premises for levels of bacteria, as well as a visual inspection. Every aspect of the restaurant was examined, from the kitchen and food storage areas to the dining area. Any areas of noncompliance were identified and addressed. Finally, the restaurant received its 5star hygiene rating.

This is testament to the hard work and dedication of the staff at the Red Relish restaurant, as well as the excellent guidance and advice provided by James Morris and his team. The 5star hygiene rating of the Red Relish restaurant is a testament to the importance of food safety and hygiene standards, and is an example of what can be achieved with the right guidance and support.

The restaurant is now a leader in food safety, and is setting an example to other restaurants in Knottingley, and beyond.

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