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5-Star Food Hygiene

Food Safety By SFBB Training UK. James Morris

Luciano’s Pizza Restaurant Armthorpe, located in Doncaster, is a beloved local pizza establishment that recently underwent a dramatic transformation.

Under new ownership (Baljeet) and with the help of James Morris of SFBB Training UK, the restaurant was able to significantly improve its food safety and hygiene rating from two stars to four stars. This remarkable achievement is an example of the importance of food safety and hygiene in a restaurant setting.

When the new owner took over the restaurant, they quickly realized that the food safety and hygiene standards were far below the expectations of a successful restaurant. The previous owner had been given a twostar rating for the establishment, which is considered below par for a restaurant.

Baljeet knew that in order to maintain their establishment as a reputable restaurant, they needed to make some changes to their overall food safety and hygiene practices. This is where James Morris of SFBB Training UK came in. He was hired by the new owner to help them improve their food safety and hygiene rating.

Through his expertise and knowledge in food safety and hygiene, he was able to help the restaurant develop an extensive food safety and hygiene plan. This plan included measures such as temperature monitoring, effective hand-washing practices, and proper food storage and handling to ensure the safety of all food served to customers.

The new owner also implemented other necessary changes to ensure the safety and hygiene of their establishment. They thoroughly cleaned the kitchen and restaurant area and installed a new ventilation system to reduce the risk of food contamination. They also purchased the appropriate equipment needed to ensure that all food served was cooked to the correct temperature and within the required time frame.

The hard work and dedication of the new owner, along with the help of James Morris of SFBB Training UK, paid off. After a thorough inspection, the restaurant was awarded a fourstar hygiene rating, which is a remarkable improvement from the previous twostar rating.

The fourstar hygiene rating achieved by Luciano’s Pizza Restaurant Armthorpe is a testament to the importance of food safety and hygiene in a restaurant setting. It is a reminder that with the right training and dedication, a restaurant can drastically improve its food safety and hygiene rating, resulting in a safe and enjoyable dining experience for customers.

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