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5-Star Food Hygiene

Food Safety By SFBB Training UK. James Morris

Dolphin Pizza Doncaster is proud to announce that it has received its second consecutive 5Star Food Hygiene Rating. This is a testament to the dedication of the staff and management to ensure that food safety standards are met and maintained at all times.

The success of the restaurant can be attributed to the continued help and support from James Morris of SFBB Training UK. James specializes in delivering food safety training using English as a second language.

This has enabled the staff to understand more clearly the importance of food safety and hygiene. The restaurant‘s commitment to food safety and hygiene is evident in the way it handles food.

All food is prepared and cooked in a safe and hygienic manner, and any potential crosscontamination is avoided. The staff are trained in the correct storage and handling of food, and all surfaces and equipment are regularly cleaned and sanitized.

The food safety training that James Morris of SFBB Training UK delivers covers a range of topics, including food safety hazards, food safety management systems, food safety legislation, and food safety training for staff. This ensures that the staff are up to date with the latest regulations and are aware of the best practices for food safety.

The restaurant also has a comprehensive food safety policy in place, which outlines the procedures and practices that must be followed to ensure food safety. This policy is regularly reviewed and updated if necessary, ensuring that the restaurant remains compliant with food safety regulations.

The success of Dolphin Pizza Doncaster can be attributed to the hard work of the staff, management, and James Morris of SFBB Training UK. The restaurant‘s commitment to food safety and hygiene has been recognised with a 5Star Food Hygiene Rating and is a testament to the dedication and commitment of all involved.

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