QFC Leeds 5-Star Food Hygiene Rating

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Food Safety By SFBB Training UK. James Morris

QFC Take Away is a popular restaurant in Leeds, UK, owned and run by Mr Naheem. It has recently been awarded a five star food hygiene rating, one of the highest ratings available, by the Leeds City Council.

This is a remarkable accomplishment, especially considering the fact that the restaurant only had two stars just a few months ago. This transformation was made possible with the help of SFBB Training UK, who provided Mr Naheem with the necessary guidance and support to
take the restaurant from two stars to five stars.

Mr Naheem had been running the restaurant for two years and he was aware of the importance of good food hygiene practices. However, he was at a loss when it came to making the necessary changes to bring his restaurant up to the highest standards.
That is when SFBB Training UK stepped in and provided the necessary support and guidance. First, they conducted an audit of the restaurant, identifying any potential problems or areas that needed improvement. Then, they worked closely with Mr Naheem to ensure
that the necessary changes were implemented.

The first step was to create a food safety management system. This system outlines the food hygiene policies and procedures that must be followed in the restaurant. These policies and procedures include everything from food handling, storage, and preparation to food
waste management and cleaning and sanitation. With this system in place, the restaurant was able to ensure that it was following the best practice for food hygiene.

The next step was to provide the staff with the proper training on food hygiene. SFBB Training UK provided the necessary instruction and guidance to ensure that the staff was properly trained in the proper procedures for food hygiene. This included the proper handling
of food, the correct storage of food, and the correct practices for cleaning and sanitizing. Finally, SFBB Training UK provided regular inspections of the restaurant to ensure that all of the procedures were being followed.

These inspections provided Mr James Morris of SFBB Training UK Base4d in Doncaster with the assurance that the necessary changes had
been implemented and that the standards of food hygiene were being maintained. After a few months of hard work and dedication, QFC Take Away was finally awarded the five star food hygiene rating.

The success of QFC Take Away is a testament to the hard work and dedication of Mr Naheem and the team at SFBB Training UK. Without their help, it is unlikely that the restaurant would have achieved such a high standard of food hygiene.

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