AT Thai Doncaster 4-Star Food Hygiene Rating

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4-Star Food Hygiene

SFBB Training UK: James Morris

At Thai, a traditional home cooked Thai Restaurant in Doncaster, is renowned for its high quality and delicious food. The restaurant has recently been awarded an impressive four star food hygiene rating, a reflection of the hard work and dedication of the owner,Miss Mutrsi Pechkum, and her hard-working team.

The team at At Thai recognised the importance of food safety and decided to embark on a journey to reach an exceptional
standard. Miss Mutrsi Pechkum and her team sought the help of SFBB Training UK, based in Doncaster, to help them achieve their goal.
The Staff and management underwent a series of training courses which provided them with a comprehensive understanding of food safety, covering areas such as temperature control, storage, cleaning and hygiene, and food handling.

Miss Mutrsi Pechkum and her team are now continually striving to maintain the highest standards of food safety. The restaurant has rigorous systems in place to ensure that every dish is prepared and cooked to perfection using the correct equipment, maintain the highest standards of hygiene and operating a safe environment for food preparation.

At Thai has implemented a number of procedures to ensure that the food is safe to eat, such as temperature checks on all cooked
food, regular checks on equipment and surfaces, and the use of food-safe cleaning products.

The team also stores food items in a manner that prevents physical contamination and cross-contamination, and follow the correct food handling and preparation techniques. The hard work and dedication of Miss Mutrsi Pechkum and her team has paid off and the four star
food hygiene rating is a testament to their commitment.

The team at At Thai will continue to strive for excellence in food safety and maintain their impressive rating. With the continued support of SFBB Training UK, At Thai will remain one of the most trusted and respected Thai restaurants in Doncaster.

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