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Tasty Pizza Birmingham Achieves Remarkable Five-Star Food Hygiene Rating with the Support of Food Safety Expert James Morris


Birmingham, 12/07/2023 – Tasty Pizza Birmingham, a popular local pizzeria, has successfully transformed its food hygiene rating from zero to an impressive five stars, thanks to the invaluable assistance of food safety expert James Morris. Specializing in aiding non-compliant food outlets to achieve the highest standards of hygiene, James Morris has achieved outstanding results for Tasty Pizza Birmingham in a remarkably short span of time, typically within a few weeks. What sets James apart is his ability to deliver training in English as a second language, catering to individuals with limited or no understanding of the English language.

Tasty Pizza fro Zero to Hero

Tasty Pizza Birmingham has always been dedicated to serving delicious, high-quality pizzas to its customers. However, the pizzeria faced challenges in meeting the stringent food hygiene standards set by the authorities, resulting in a zero-star rating. Determined to rectify the situation and provide their patrons with the utmost confidence in their food safety practices, Tasty Pizza Birmingham sought the expertise of renowned food safety expert James Morris.

SFBB Training UK

James Morris who owns SFBB Training UK, is widely recognized for his exceptional ability to guide non-compliant food establishments towards achieving the coveted five-star rating. With years of experience in the field, he has developed a comprehensive methodology and effective training techniques that yield remarkable results. What makes James truly remarkable is his proficiency in delivering training in English as a second language, effectively bridging the language barrier for those with limited or no understanding of English.

Through a rigorous assessment of Tasty Pizza Birmingham’s operations, James identified areas requiring improvement and implemented a customized food safety plan. He worked closely with the pizzeria’s staff, providing them with practical training, guidance, and support to ensure they fully understood and implemented the necessary protocols. Despite the language challenges faced by some employees, James used his expertise and patience to ensure the training was effective and accessible to all. SFBB Training Videos

Training By Doing

The transformation of Tasty Pizza Birmingham’s food hygiene practices was nothing short of extraordinary. James Morris’s diligent efforts and expertise resulted in the implementation of rigorous cleaning and sensitisation processes, enhanced staff training, improved documentation, and comprehensive food safety protocols. As a result, Tasty Pizza Birmingham’s food hygiene rating skyrocketed from zero to a perfect five stars.

“We are immensely proud of our achievement,” said John Smith, the owner of Tasty Pizza Birmingham. “James Morris’s expertise and dedication were instrumental in helping us turn things around. His ability to deliver training in English as a second language truly made a difference for our staff members who faced language barriers. We are now confident that we are providing our customers with the highest standards of food safety and hygiene.” Food Safety Article

Five Stars in Just 2 Weeks

James Morris expressed his satisfaction with the successful outcome, stating, “Working with Tasty Pizza Birmingham was a rewarding experience. Overcoming language barriers and helping food establishments achieve compliance is my passion. I firmly believe that everyone should have access to the necessary knowledge and support to ensure the safety of their customers. I am delighted to have played a part in Tasty Pizza Birmingham’s journey towards a five-star food hygiene rating.”

Tasty Pizza Birmingham’s remarkable transformation serves as a testament to the expertise and commitment of James Morris, demonstrating his ability to overcome language barriers and achieve exceptional results. The pizzeria’s achievement not only reinforces its dedication to customer safety but also positions it as a shining example for other food establishments aspiring to improve their food hygiene standards.

Who is James Morris?

About James Morris and SFBB Training UK: James Morris is an expert in food safety and specializes in teaching food safety in English as a second language. SFBB Training UK, led by James Morris, offers comprehensive training programs designed to ensure food safety compliance in multicultural environments.

For more information about SFBB Training, please contact: Food Safety Training: James Morris ESL Food safety Educator,

Phone: 07404 899 903

Email: info@sfbbtraining.com

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