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Another 5-Star Food Hygiene Rating by SFBB Training

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5-Star Food Hygiene Rating

Chick-N-Run in Hatfield, Doncaster Achieves Coveted 5-Star Food Hygiene Rating from Doncaster Council.

Chick-N-Run Five Star Food Hygiene Rating By SFBB Training UK

Hatfield, Doncaster – June 9, 2023 – Cick-N-Run, a popular local eatery renowned for its delectable cuisine, is proud to announce that it has achieved an exceptional 5-star food hygiene rating from the Doncaster Council. This remarkable achievement comes after the establishment successfully transformed its hygiene practices, going from a modest 1-star rating to an impressive 5 stars. The significant improvement was made possible with the invaluable assistance of James Morris from SFBB Training UK, a leading organization specializing in teaching food safety in English as a second language.

The 5-star rating awarded by the Doncaster Council is a testament to Cick-N-Run’s unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness, hygiene, and food safety. This accomplishment not only demonstrates the dedication of the entire Cick-N-Run team but also showcases their relentless pursuit of excellence in the culinary industry.

SFBB Training UK

Under the guidance of James Morris from SFBB Training UK, Cick-N-Run implemented a comprehensive food safety training program tailored specifically to address the unique needs of a multilingual staff. With English being a second language for some of the team members, James Morris skillfully designed the training materials and delivered them in a manner that ensured understanding and compliance. This bespoke approach not only enhanced the staff’s knowledge of food safety practices but also improved communication within the workplace, fostering a culture of excellence and professionalism.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have achieved a 5-star food hygiene rating from the Doncaster Council,” said John Thompson, the owner of Cick-N-Run. “This accomplishment is a true reflection of the dedication and hard work put in by our entire team. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to James Morris from SFBB Training UK for his expertise and support throughout our journey to improved food safety standards.”

The 5-star food hygiene rating is a crucial benchmark for consumers when selecting a place to dine, reassuring them of Cick-N-Run’s unwavering commitment to delivering safe and high-quality food. With the new rating, Cick-N-Run aims to attract even more patrons who can now enjoy their favorite dishes in a clean and hygienic environment.

Cick-N-Run invites both regular and new customers to come and experience the exceptional culinary delights in an ambiance of uncompromised food safety. The establishment’s dedication to maintaining its 5-star rating will ensure that guests can indulge in their favorite meals with complete peace of mind.

About Cick-N-Run: Cick-N-Run is a renowned eatery in Hatfield, Doncaster, known for its exceptional cuisine and commitment to quality. Offering a diverse menu and a welcoming atmosphere, Cick-N-Run is dedicated to providing a memorable dining experience to its patrons.

About James Morris and SFBB Training UK: James Morris is an expert in food safety and specializes in teaching food safety in English as a second language. SFBB Training UK, led by James Morris, offers comprehensive training programs designed to ensure food safety compliance in multicultural environments.

For more information about SFBB Training, please contact: Food Safety Training: James Morris ESL Food safety Educator, Phone: 07404 899 903 Email: info@sfbbtraining.com

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