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Rotinaan Wala Restaurant in Slough has achieved the remarkable feat of achieving a 5-star food hygiene rating with the help of James Morris of SFBB Training UK.

This is an amazing accomplishment, especially considering that the restaurant went from zero stars to the highest rating in under a week. Mr Khan and his team at Rotinaan Wala Restaurant can be justly proud of their achievement.

The restaurant went to great lengths to meet the high standards of food hygiene required for the 5-star rating. In order to do so, they had to completely overhaul their existing procedures and put in place new systems and processes.

From replacing their kitchen equipment to introducing new cleaning protocols, the team worked hard to ensure that all the requirements were met.

The restaurant also benefited from the expert advice of James Morris. In addition to providing essential knowledge and guidance, he was able to identify areas where the restaurant needed to make improvements, which helped them to quickly address any issues and get up to the required standards.

The 5-star rating is testament to the effort and dedication of the Rotinaan Wala Restaurant team and the invaluable help from James Morris. It is a huge achievement that will ensure that customers can enjoy the restaurant’s delicious food with the assurance that it has been prepared in the most hygienic way. Congratulations to Mr Khan and his team for their hard work and commitment.

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